A Community Outreach Garden Program

Sowing Opportunity, Improving Lives.

Seed2Seed is a God inspired and established community outreach garden program that is linking churches with the community through gardening.

Our motto is “We plant in SOIL”, which stands for:

Sowing Opportunity, Improving Lives.

This means we not only look for opportunities to sow into the ground but in each other’s lives. We Improve Lives though personal experiences in and around the garden as well as through the use of the harvest that God gives to us to bless those in need. God shows this through Jeremiah 29:4-7. We use Back to Eden gardening style- no watering, no chemicals, and heirloom varieties so we may save our own seeds for the next year!

Garden Locations


Roanoke, VA 

This is where it all started! Located at Grace Covenant Church(GCCROA) this 50 x 50 garden services the Roanoke area. They partner with Community  Outreach Program of Downtown Roanoke by bringing fresh foods from the garden, educating on healthy cooking, and preparing meals for participants.  


Kernersville, NC

This 4 acre Sustainable Education Farm is located at Living Hope Church in Kernersville, NC, the Hub Farm is centered around hands on sustainable farming and gardening  education for the community. The Education Farm also acts as the main Hub for supplementing any new gardens until they are up, running, and producing.