A Community Outreach Garden Program

Projects and Donations

Below you will find a list of current projects that are in need of in kind or monetary donations. We are a registered 501 c 3 Non Profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. If you are a business that provides any of the products or services that may fit into the projects below and you want to make a donation or if you have any questions please send an email to ChantalM@seed2seed.org.

Solar Panels for the Farm

Our goal is to be as Sustainable as we can and share our successes and failures with other small farmers in the area. Power to run our farm operation is no different. Our goal is to run our farm off of a grid tied solar system. We will be purchasing a DIY kit with some panels on the ground and some on our office container. We have two engineers who have agreed to step up and aid us in installation of the system itself. The main areas of use for the solar system on the farm are in refrigeration of product, maintaining the office, and running a processing area for product.

GOAL: $10,000 Reached to date: $1,577

High Tunnel for Production

In faith we have prepped a location for a High Tunnel on our farm in April of this year. A High Tunnel will act as a main production area for starts and transplants that we will then use out in the fields. In addition to starts there will be winter and seasonal extension production space in the ground. Curing, drying, and storage of certain crops can also take place in the High Tunnel. We will then be able to expand our education area to the use of the tunnel and it's maintenance. We have selected a DIY kit for this project as well.

GOAL $1,000 Reached to date:$0

Mobile Certified Kitchen and Processing Units

Many of the new and beginning farmers we work with attend our Farmer's Market in down town Winston Salem. One of the ways that farmers can extend their salable products is through canning, freezing, or processing fresh products and offering them to sale. To do this the farmer must use a certified kitchen to sell the items but the cost of certification or renting a certified space often presents a barrier to expand that business for the farmer. These value added products such as jams, pickles, and other canned or frozen items would be great offerings for a farmers market and therefore we are going to build a mobile certified kitchen and a processing unit so that our farmers will have access to these key pieces of infrastructure to expand their offerings and businesses. 

GOAL: $25,000  Reached to date: $0