A Community Outreach Garden Program

Community Resources

We believe that our community has value and when we work together towards a common goal we can make a huge difference. Networking allows connections within the community to be known, shared, and utilized; sometimes in ways we had never thought of before! From these efforts innovation is born, efficiency arises, and sustainability can be achieved. At the base of creating these efficiencies communication acts as the foundation; therefore we have created a forum for this very thing to be established.


Welcome to the SEED2SEED Forums

Born from the expressed need to facilitate communication between local non profits wanting to share resources, ideas, and collaboration on local projects to enhance effectiveness of efforts. 

Who Should Use the Forums?

SEED2SEED works in and around the Piedmont Triad Region of NC. While it is not a requirement to live or be working in this region most efforts in the forum will be focused on this region. BUT we still encourage people from outside this region to take a look and see if there are efforts that they may collaborate with and enjoy the many benefits of. 

We realize that there are systems which we work in and unfortunately sometimes around. This may happen for a multitude of reasons but many times it can stem from lack of communication throughout the system. We feel that  by allowing or bringing all stakeholders to the table to have a voice we can achieve stronger results in the end.  Click here to enter the forums!

It's Not Just About Agriculture...

Agriculture and Food are deeply connected to almost every aspect of life. Most  areas can be grouped into three categories: economics, ecology, and social  connections which are the three pillars of sustainability. This means that you don't have to be directly agriculture or food related to contribute and often times collaborations between to different "worlds" produce the most fruit!   You can be non profit, for profit, business, group, club, school, educator,  or just a member of the community that wants to help! Click here to join the community!


Helpful Resources

  • Here is a free open source "self reservation" calendar  called Teamup that allows you to post your calendar link. This is useful for tours, activities, volunteers or other events that require time slots. Participants can self sign up for the times that work best for them. This is the link for S2S's calendar so you can see how it works!

Know of a resource that others should know about? Send us an email or message so we can list it here.