A Community Outreach Garden Program

Community Supported Agriculture


What is a CSA?

     CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which is so much more than just supporting your local farmer through purchasing a weekly produce box. 

When you choose to join our CSA you...

  • Ensure that the food you and your family eat is not only FRESH, but HEALTHY and SAFE.
    • 30% of nutrients in fruit and vegetables are lost in the first 3 days after harvest.
    • Most produce in retail stores is 1-4 weeks old before you buy it and bring it home.
    • The majority of commercially available produce has come into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, or other agricultural chemicals.
  • INVEST your dollars IN our LOCAL ECONOMY. 
    • You help to provide training to new, young, or minority farmers. 
    • You provide infrastructure for new sustainable ways to farm.   
    • You fund research that benefits the small local farmer.
    • You help to plant new community gardens and support local nutritional education programs.

Click the link to Join Now  for the Spring 2020 Season and see what to expect in a typical 

CSA box?


We offer Quality, Variety, and Freshness 

that can't be found elsewhere!