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Covid 19 Changes To Our Farmer's Market!

With the spread of the Covid19 virus S2S has accommodated new options for the market with the health and wellness of the community in mind. We know that now the availability of fresh local foods, foods that have been handled minimally, and the risks to the public, but in particularly people who are immunocompromised, or in age ranges that are more susceptible to the Virus are all factors that our community is considering when purchasing food.

With these factors in mind S2S held a meeting with all of our vendors to discuss new procedures and protocols for the market until the risks of the Virus diminish. Below we will outline the changes to the Market Operation.

  • The first hour of Market Operation will be designated for the immunocompromised, elderly, or members of the public at the highest risk for contracting the virus. This time is from 10 am – 11 am.
  • No Samples will be offered
  • All vendors and Market Personnel will wear gloves at all times during Market Operation.
  • Please Consider pre purchasing items for pick up at the market.
  • Customers are not allowed to touch products or “look over” physically.
  • Tents will be spaced further apart to provide more airflow.
  • Space will be marked for 6 ft intervals for lines in front of the tents
  • DELIVERY will now be offered!


That's Right! Now you can get all your Farmer's Market Favs Delivered to your office or home within 5MILES of the Market in Bailey Park at the Innovation Quarter. A Flat Delivery fee of $5 is charged so you can order from one vendor or all for one price to be delivered.

Here is how it works: Place your orders with our Farmers below like you would normally do then click the Pay for Delivery Here button (below) and make a payment for $5.00 for Delivery. With the Payment, list out the vendors that you ordered from and leave your phone number for confirmation and your done!


A Year Round Specialty Market in Down Town Winston Salem

This is a year-round specialty market focusing on sustainable, small scale, non traditional, new and beginning farmers. Offerings include vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, mushrooms, flowers, herbs, plants, honey and more. Seasonal production is what you can expect for availability of products. This means what ever is in season can be found at the market. Being a producer only market, each vendor is vetted with farm visits to assure production methods are up to standards. Farmers at this market don't use chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They focus instead on soil building, permaculture, and ecosystems; making their farms holistic places of feeding people real foods that taste great and that are healthy and safe to eat!


Bailey Park

445 Patterson Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

10 am- 2 pm Tuesdays

Featured Farmers

Our slogan: "Purely Natural, Simply Good", goes without explanation! We stand by what we grow as we too reap the benefits of a healthy, completely nutrient dense food for our family and yours. Although we are not organically certified, we follow very strict guidelines and in some cases, exceed organic standards. We do not spray or fertilize at all! The base of our compost comes from wood chips as well as cover crops to build the soil. Plants which are nitrogen fixers are interspersed throughout the property to build up a rich nitrogen store for the soil. 





Sassafras Family Farm is an organic family farm in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. We practice sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Our all-organic production includes decorative and edible flowers, fresh produce, fresh and dried herbs, chicken and duck eggs, salves and soaps, and finishing salts. We maintain a seasonal vegetable garden, an herb spiral, an orchard, a decorative flower field, a native plants garden, and an edible flower garden.

Current denizens of our farm include bees, ducks, chickens, goats, and rabbits.

Please contact us for availability, pricing, events, and other queries. 

Shop online at square.com/store/sassafrasnc.


  Dedicated to sustainable farming with a focus on the health and welfare of our animals as well as environmentally responsible farming practices. We are located in the center of North Carolina. We love to share our experiences about all things related to small scale, sustainable farming with those who have a similar interest. On our farm, we raise a host of animals including pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, turkeys and eggs all using a grass and rotational pasture based system to build soil.

Shop online here https://www.sheratonparkfarms.com/


Miss Angels's Farm- We are Surry County NC first pick your own peach and pumpkin farm. We offer farm fresh Fruit and veggies, ice-cream, baked goods, and canned items. 



We plant in SOIL: Sowing Opportunity; Improving Lives

Our 4 Acre Sustainable Education Farm focuses on holistic, closed loop farming systems that enhance fertility, reuse wastes as inputs, and build up the soil as an ecosystem, not use it as a container. We never use any chemicals in our farming operation anywhere and we are a dry farm! Our offerings are diverse as we are constantly testing and trialing new fruits, veggies, and breeds. Some of our offerings include mushrooms, turmeric, ginger, warm and cool season veggies, eggs, honey, and much more. 






Questions about the market can be forwarded to ChantalM@seed2seed.org with Market in the subject line.

If you would like to be considered for a vendor spot at the market when they become available please put Vendor in the subject line.

Please note we are only accepting inquiries from farmers who fit into the scope of the Market itself. (reference the main description and bios) 

Check out the Market Fb page here: https://www.facebook.com/S2SFarmersMarket/