A Community Outreach Garden Program

Want to Sponsor Kernersville Earth Day?

What we aim to accomplish is to bring the Kernersville community together through education, service, and partnership. Sustainable practices that close holes and gaps in areas like waste, education, and specific community needs are of high priority to us. Community building allows us to broaden our reach and resources so that more needs get met in the end for all. Ultimately, we seek to collaborate with people and organizations in our community to serve and connect Kernersville around Sustainability and Earth Day is a great opportunity to do that.

We are asking that Kernersville businesses would support local sustainability through Kernersville Earth Day 2018. Areas of opportunity for partnership are supplying volunteers for the event, offering a workshop/demo/ or Earth Day related presentation the day of the event, in kind donations, vendor spots, and monetary sponsorship of the event. The total cost of the event is $6000 and any amount towards that would be greatly appreciated. This is a small amount for an event this size and the hosts of this event take no profit from that amount. Your donation would be a tremendous help towards our goals for the Kernersville Community!